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"Due to unforeseen circumstances, we had to find a nanny in a really short time. I found out about BBNanny online and decided to use their services after reading the wonderful reviews. Now I know that they are all true. Adrian was understanding and efficient, and we found Rina in no time. She not only fulfilled but exceeded our requirements. You can trust Adrian and BBNanny for fast, quality referrals!"
Radio DJ PeiFen

"As a first time mother looking for a nanny for my little precious, I must say I'm glad to have found BBNanny Services. Adrian was very professional and detailed, and was able to match me quickly with candidates who meet my needs. The nanny I engaged more than 15 months ago, is still terrific and loves my son to bits. This gives me total peace of mind while I'm at work. I would not hesitate to recommend BBNanny to my friend. Indeed I did that and my friend is also very happy with her nanny recommendation."
Ivy Wong


"The service I received from BBNanny Services was professional and prompt.
My requirements were taken down and the interviews I had were well filtered, enabling me to make a decision very quickly. The nanny I hired, now a year ago, is tremendous - she is very professional and extremely good with my baby, making our lives worry free."
Mita Natarajan
SVP, Head Business Development
Singapore Exchange Limited


"We have had the pleasure of engaging Aunt Irene for her babysitting services via BBNanny when our daughter was around 8 months old. Aunt Irene is a dedicated and experienced babysitter and we would highly recommend her to any parents who are in need of babysitters. Other than the clean environment and nutritious meals prepared by Aunt Irene, we are most touched by her genuine care for our daughter and her generosity to treat us like a family. For example, she would call us at night to check in on how our daughter was doing on days that she went for checkup or was feeling unwell and she would gladly share her knowledge with us to guide first-time parents like us. Thanks again to BBNanny for the excellent recommendation and to Aunt Irene for her dedication and love!"
Louis & Telli


"I have had the privilege of having 2 nannies recommended by you, both a bit different in their approaches and with different strengths. Aunty Lynn loves to cook, whilst Aunty May was keen to keep the environment tip top. But more importantly, they both loved my kids who have been blessed with having wonderful aunties take care of them! They are both such brilliant nannies for them, patient, kind, loving no matter the situation. They were both exceptionally good when the kids were sick!
My daughter is turning 2 soon and Aunty Lynn is only leaving because she is off to pre-nursery! Aunty Lynn is even helping to transit my girl but dropping her off and then checking in on her at nursery school. Soon she will be stopping and moving on to someone else's baby!
So I write to send you a big thank you and hope you keep well! My elder one is off to Primary one liao! Will be sending Aunty May pictures when that happens! "
Stephaine Lee (ms)


"After an extremely unpleasant experience with a babysitter which a friend of ours had recommended, both my husband and I were sceptical in seeking another replacement. However, we took a leap of faith in BBNanny. Adrian understood both our concerns and requirements. Not only did he responded promptly but also managed our expectations well, and duly recommended a certain Madam Seah Mui Hiang.
Madam Seah is not only an experienced, meticulous, responsible, loving but also a trustworthy babysitter. She is extremely careful in nurturing our daughter – inculcating good moral values. It has been 2 years now and Madam Seah is very much part of our daughter's life.
We are very grateful to BBNanny for having introduced such a good babysitter. We highly recommend Madam Seah to anyone who is looking for an experience babysitter for their child. We have been and still will continue to recommend BBNanny to others. "
Peggy & Sebastian
(Shirlyn's parents


"The service we have received from BBNanny has been great. Adrian has been so helpful and was patient with us. It is always a bit scary to leave your baby with someone new. The nanny we hired is Wendy. Her attention to detail and care of our baby has been superb. We don't think we could have made a better choice. Thanks for everything."
Best Regards,
Ee Hiang

Senior Consultant


"BBNanny has been very attentive to my needs. They were very quick in their response. I got my nanny immediate after my first call to them! An appointment was set immediate for us to meet. The babysitter now got on well with my son and love my son so much and took him like their own grandchild. That really puts me at ease when I am working! BBNanny did follow ups with parents to ensure that all is fine and that we are pleased with the caregiver. I was introduced by my friend about his service and is so good that I am now recommending this to you."
(Jesse’s mother)

Executive Secretary


"My husband & I have been thrilled with the quality of service from BBNanny since our initial email inquiry. Contacting them was the wisest decision we made upon our relocation to Singapore! Adrian showed great sensitivity to the needs of our family and found a warm, well educated, experienced local nanny to care for our then-infant daughter when I went back to work part time. A year-and-a-half later, she is still a very important part of our daughter's, and of our family's, happiness. As parents, nothing means more to us than the well being of our child. I am so grateful for the exceptional care our nanny has provided and wholeheartedly recommend bbnanny to any family looking for high quality child care."
Kristen & Sean Callow
(Juliet's parents)


"We wish to thank you for helping us to get a baby sitter for our gal in such a short period of time.
I really appreciated your excellent service that you had provided us with so many choices to select. I guess not all agents are like you, friendly and approachable. Really like your service.
Also I thank God for guiding me to know you which eventually lead us to a great and wonderful nanny.
She is really a nice and easy going lady, which I guess my gal had already get use to her and had settled down at her place in such a short time as compared to others which probably might need few weeks for them to settle down.
Once again, thank you very very much for providing us with such a good baby sitter. My husband and I appreciated your service. If given a chance I would recommend your agency and you to my friends who need a baby sitter."
Iris & Stephen


"I would like to say thank you very much to BBNanny because I am very satisfied with their services. Mr. Adrian is a very responsible and friendly agent. He will never hesitate answer your call if you have any question.
It has been a year since Mdm Ang started helping me taking care of my daughter and we feel she is a very hardworking, reliable, courtesy and helpful lady. We truly appreciate the love from her and her family members to my daughter.
I would not hesitate to recommend bbnanny if you are looking for a babysitter as I also recommend to my others friends too!"
Madam Chong from Ang Mo Kio


"I engaged Adrian of BBNanny Agency's services to locate a babysitter at Serangoon Avenue. He responded promptly and efficiently, and found for me a suitable babysitter who is trustworthy and loves my baby dearly. I would recommend the Agency to anyone who needs to engage a babysitter."
Mrs Lee LY


"Thank you very much for helping us find a great nanny for our baby girl.
My nanny is not only a reliable nanny but also one who truly loves children. I can see that my daughter is in good hands when I leave her with the nanny every morning. For a working mother, it helps to know that my child is well looked after while I am at work."
Dr Adeline Lam


"Due to unforeseen circumstances, I had to go back to work 5 weeks after delivery and I needed a babysitter immediately. I chanced upon BBNanny and engaged the services of Adrian. BBNanny was very professional and attentive to my requirements. The next day, he has set up an appointment for me to visit the nanny. The nanny was great and I need not worry about leaving my newborn in her hands.
Subsequently, I was stationed overseas for a period of time and when I came back, I engaged the services of BBNanny again to look for a new nanny. They were very efficient and immediately was able to match me to a suitable nanny who was living nearby even though its was on Chinese New Year Eve.
My current nanny (Lan Hua) is a great caregiver. She is very attentive and spends a lot of time teaching my girl the materials I bought over to her house. As my girl has a herditary heart disorder, she takes special care on her diet and well-being. She was even with us when we had to rush my girl to the hospital. Such dedication and love is greatly appreciated by us.
I strongly recommend BBNanny to all mother looking for nannies, a personal touch goes a long way to give us mothers a peace of mind."
Amerline Lee
Senior Analyst - Sales Accounting


"Thank you for the service rendered during my search of nanny in March period. Myself and my husband are very pleased with the nanny that you've recommended to us. She is experienced, trustworthy, patience and loving. I can certainly entrust my child under her care.
I must say that you've been very helpful and understands our requirements when providing bio-data of the potential nanny for my child. You've responded very promptly since our first contact via email. Likewise, we appreciate your follow up calls and providing useful advice to us on a few occasions.
We would like to extend our thankfulness to BBNanny for providing such professionalism and trustworthy service to us. Nevertheless, this service is so conveniently available online. With the experienced personal like you from BBNanny, I would certainly recommend to those who we wish to engage such service.
We wish BBNanny prosperous and success with its excellence service attitude."
Best Regards
Claire & Tony


"As i am a first time mummy. I hope to find a nanny really care for my baby.
Really one day i search in the internet come pass by a BBNanny website. I called up and ask adrian to find one nanny for me. He say too early already as that time i'm still in my 20 weeks. As there are too many young couples (Pregnant Women) in my area so i really need a nanny near to my house. In the end he manage to find a very good & carely nanny for me. And that is 12 months ago already. I have recommended it to quite a number of my friends and relative. And they say they never know that can find nanny on the net so advance."
Shiqi & Family


"Having absolutely no idea about how to find a suitable nanny for my 4-month old boy last year, we found BBNanny our life-saver. Adrian was responsive, fast, and professional in locating suitable candidates for us. He also gave objective and useful recommendations which helped us greatly in choosing a suitable nanny.
And more than a year after, our nanny and her family have become our family too! She loves our son like her own grandson, sometimes even more so than her own grand-daughter. I also recommended BBNanny to my colleague’s friend, who said she was able to quickly confirm a nanny who stayed in the same block as hers!
Without BBNanny, I think many first-time working mothers will be at lost in nanny-searching! Thank you, Adrian and BBNanny."
(mom of 17-month old Julius)



"I needed to hire a reliable and caring nanny for my child last year as I had to return to work after my maternity leave. I went to a forum on the Internet. There, I read about bbnanny.com and its services. Not many people would rely on the forum totally but I did. I am glad that I actually picked up the phone to call the babysitter agent. Adrian, who assisted me during my search for a nanny, was prompt and quick in dealing with my request. He was also a pleasant person to speak to. He narrowed down my request to two-three nannies with the requirements that matched my expectations. My child is still in the care of the nanny he recommended to me and her grown-up children simply adore him. At least, I know that he is doing fine there and the members of the family treat him well."
Christina Yen


"Efficient and reliable agent. Deliver what he promise. Very happy with his choice of nanny introduced to us.
Responsible and caring nanny. Takes care of baby very well. Always go extra mile for baby."


"We would like to express our gratitude by saying a big 'Thank You' for your unquestionable help in March '07 to have found an ideal baby sitter for our baby boy, Zheng Rui .
Despite of the late hours and last minutes of approach at that time, you still done your best to meet our requirements.
Finally we met up Madam Ngo (baby sitter) through your good recommendation. Since day 1 until to-date, she is still taking good care of our Rui, thus allowing both of us to concentrate working without any worry.
We appreciate the excellent serivce you have offered us and once again, thank you."
Best regards,
Irene & Lian Yong


""Thank you" Adrian for your professional, efficient & prompt service.
It only took 3 days for Adrian to get me a nanny who stayed next to my block. Myself and my husband are pleased with the nanny that you've recommeded to us. She is trustworthy, experienced, patience and caring. I need not worry about leaving my girl in her hands.
I would certainly recommend your agency & you to my friends who need such service."
Sylvia & Sisin


"Thank you very much for helping us find a nanny for our baby boy within a short time frame. My requirements were taken down and enables me to make a decision quickly.
We feel that Mdm Ang (our nanny) is a kind and easy going lady. She is also very meticulous lady when it comes to taking care of baby. She even cuts his fingernails for him every Monday !
We really appreciate your excellent service that you had provided. As I was introduced by my friend about your service and is good that I would recommend the agency to anyone who needs to engage a babysitter."
Yen Ling


"Adrian’s selection of baby sitter is very experienced and responsible. The baby sitter that Adrian recommended has helped to take care of my boy from 3 months old till present. My boy is now 18 months old. She is a caring person and loves children. She is also very flexible and will often discuss the progress of my boy when we pick him up. So, I get to know how he is doing and more about his behaviour when he is at the baby sitter’s home."
Shaw Voon


"I am a fussy mother of a pair of twins. As a new mother too, I have gone through quite a few nanny agents but were disappointed with the service provided until my husband learnt of BBNanny from the internet.
I must say that Adrian is a really patient and professional in his job. We gave him a mission that was almost quite impossible, ie to find a nanny within a short notice, someone who is motherly, English speaking, kind, must be willing to come to my house, and our list goes on… We thought we would be disappointed again as in other agents. Adrian was able to quickly screen his candidates before giving us a few choices. We were impressed by his efficiency and his everything-is-possible attitude. And his service doesn’t stop after he collected his commission, he still continues to keep in touch and make sure that everything is working fine.
We would definitely recommend Adrian to our friends and relatives.
Thanks Adrian, for the great service rendered"
Mother of twins Yinmin & Yinwei


"Adrian answered my posting for a nanny in the website. I was a bit apprehensive at first as I felt that recommendation is better from someone who has first hand experience. However, after speaking to him over the phone, I felt relieved as he is able to understand my concerns. He, being a father, also knows quite a lot about child upbringing issues.
He managed to arrange a few interviews each night given the short notice as I need to go back to work urgently. I was a bit uncomfortable when he told me that he will not attend these interviews. I have no experience interviewing a nanny but I am glad that I took his advice. Had he been present, I would feel pressurize to commit even though there was none from him. He also told me that even though a nanny is very experienced and very good, she may not be what I want. It is really about how comfortable I feel about her.
When I first saw my nanny, I knew I found the right person to take care of my son. The chemistry is just right. She is understanding, easy to communicate and is very responsible. In fact, she takes care of my son better than me. This is how much I trust her and I never worry about his well being while I am at work.
Adrian is also very professional when closing the deal. The paperwork prepared by him further gives me assurance that if anything goes wrong, he will be there to assist. He does follow up calls too.
Overall, it has been a wonderful experience and I am truly a satisfied customer."
Sim Hui Ping


"Due to certain unhappiness i had with my hubby's grandma(former caregiver of my boy), i had to change a nanny. Chancing upon BBNanny Agency on the web, i email Adrian with all my enquiries. His response was prompt and he provided me with 2 nannies around my area. Adrian arranged me to interview my current nanny, Mrs Sim. The first sight of her is that, though of small built but she is someone, whom i know can take good care of my son.
Now, with her help, i can work at ease, without having to worry if he will be well taken care of, is he being abused..etc.. In fact, she take care of my boy like he is her own son. During days, when he is sick or knocked his head against something, Mrs Sim will keep me updated, so that i can work at ease.
Well done Adrian! 2 thumbs up! I would not hesitate to introduce more people to Adrian. In fact, i have introduced a few to Adrian as well!"



"I was heavily pregnant then and was contemplating if I should look for a babysitter or stay at home to look after my baby. For me, it is certainly not easy to find an ideal babysitter, someone who is able to communicate with my husband in English, and able to make me feel comfortable leaving such a young baby in the good hand of that person.
Nevertheless, I still proceeded to embark my search for a babysitter prior to my delivery. In the event that I couldn't get one who can meet my requirements, I will take care of my baby on my own. I happened to chance upon BBNanny while surfing the internet, and spoke with Adrian pertaining to my needs. About a week or two, Adrian recommended a fairly young babysitter, who is not only able to converse in English, but was also a childcare teacher. After meeting up with her, I felt very comfortable in her way of handling and educating children. She come across as a confident person, speaks well and most importantly, there is a chemistry between us, which I knew I could entrust my beloved baby to her while I'm working.
To date, she is still my babysitter and really appreciate BBNanny for its great work!"
Thank you and kind regards


"As a new mother looking for a nanny, I'm relieved to have found BBNanny Services. We would like to say thank you very much to Adrian for helping us find a good babysitter for our baby son. He would put himself in our shoe to provide quality babysitters.
Rina and her sister give us sense of reliability. They show love for the children. I can see that they take care of my son better than me.They even have a series of curriculum like show picture cards and play music for the babies to educate them.
I would like to recommend BBNanny to all mother looking for babysitters to have a peace of mind."
Yen Na & Chee Wee

Seng kang


"Ever since the 1st babysitter quits, we were anxiously looking around for another one, and glad that we found one through BBNanny, till date, after more than 3 months, we have no regrets. Adrian is very professional and the babysitter he recommended really care about our boy like her own. My boy is very happy there. Definitely we will recommend BBNanny to my friends."
Vernon & Michelle


"Thank you for helping me to get nanny for my boy! U are really God sent. She is a natural and great with Matthew.
On the first day, Matthew still sick but he didn't fuss at all with Aunty Kim Lian. Matthew also learn alot with her. He knows how to call Mama, point to stuff he wants. He is so well behaved at her house that he knows his boundaries, what not to touch, where not to go. However, with me, he's a little terror! Haha.. guess he knows who he can bully!
Matthew also looks better, rosy cheeks and very well fed!
I have recommended you to a few of my friends and added your link to my son's blog as well :)
Thanks Adrian, you are a life saver!"
Grace Lee, West Coast Road


"Very happy with the nanny that Adrian has found for us in the space of days. We liked the fact that from the first moment we contacted BBnanny to the time when we actually engaged the services of the nanny he recommended ( all in the space of 1 week), everything was done in a very efficient and transparent manner. As new parents, we have very little experience about how and what nannies should do, and all we wanted was a happy fat and bouncy baby at the end of each day… which is exactly what we got!"
Limi and Alexandre

"This is Rachel, little Cheryl's mummy who stay at Tampines St 22.  Thank you for your help in May for finding me such a good babysitter, Christina. My whole family is now in South Korea and little Cheryl still missess Chris. 
Chris is very attentive and caring towards Cheryl and took very good care of her this 4 months. I strongly recommend her to others. 
Thank you very much for your help when I badly needed a babysitter.
Do take care and best wishes to u and ur family."
Rachel Oh

"BBNanny has been prompt and efficient in rendering its services. We were given a few nannies around our area to choose from. Within a short period of time, we were able to find a suitable nanny who fits our requirements. The nanny has been attentive and caring towards my baby boy. Thank you BBNanny!"
Sam & Angela

"Thank you Adrian for helping us find a nanny at very short notice. Susan, our nanny, is wonderful with our daughter and a real Godsend. We are both working and can feel safe in the knowledge that our child is in good hands. She is extremely knowledgeable about childcare and is very sensible. We are truly blessed to have found her and hope that she will be with us for a very long time."
Dr Anita

"BBNanny has helped me to find good babysitters near my place within very short notice on 2 occasions, the second time it only took them 2 days to confirm the babysitter. The babysitters that BBNanny deals with are experienced and reliable. I would recommend BBNanny to any parent for a hassle free solution to finding the right babysitter for your child."
Joy (Hougang)

"Thank you for helping us to get a nanny in such a short notice practically in 2 weeks. Adrian had tried his very best and has been very patience to accomodate our requirement and he did wonder! Adrian got us a nanny and she has been with my girl for six months. Whenever I had meeting/work to be done during weekend, she willingly help and refuse to accept additional pay from us. Once again, thank you Adrian!"
Callie Teoh

"Thanks for your recommendation and we truly appreciate Auntie Winnie's services during the past 1 and half years.
She has been a great help to us and our daughter, Alethea Tan, has also bonded with her family under her care. With Auntie Winnie, we can have a piece of mind at work as we trust that our daughter is in good hands!
Once again, we would like to thank her for her services. As my daughter will be going to a childcare next Jan 2008, we'll strongly recommend her to anyone who require her services.
Thank you once again! ;)"
Shirley Chen
Mother of Alethea Tan (2 years old)

"We were first quite sceptical about getting an agency to help us find a reliable babysitter. However, after speaking to Adrian, we soon changed our views. He tried to understand our requirements and was so patient with our queries. The first babysitter he introduced, we were so impressed that we engaged her service immediately. It's been two years now and my son is always so happy going to our babysitter's place and refused to come home whenever it's time for pick-up. It's good to know that our care-giver truely loved our son. In fact, all the children taken care by her still maintain very close contacts with her. I've also introduced my friend to Adrian and she too feedbacks that her babysitter loved and takes good care of her baby girl. This is possible only because Adrian spends time to screen his group of babysitters."
Cerise and Alvin

"Mdm Tan Ai Choo has been taking care of my son since 01st September 2008.
Under her custody during this period of time, she had shown kind diligences and responsibilty in taking care of my son.
Furthermore, the attentiveness and persevereance that was shown by her tasks often let us have confidence and peace of mind rather than worry and anxiety.
I will certainly provide with the highest of recommendations if call upon to do so.
Thank you."
Yours truly
Regina Lim

"I am writing to show my appreciation of your service. You are very professional and are able to response me quickly with candidates who meet my needs. After around one week searching I have been matched with a good babysitter. Thank you very much."
Best Regards
Yuan ShaoNing

"It only took 3 days for Adrian to get me a nanny who stayed next to my block. Myself and my husband are pleased with the nanny that you've recommeded to us. She is trustworthy,experienced, patience and caring. I need not worry about leaving my girl in her hands.
I would recommend your agency & you to my friends who need such service.
Once again, we really appeciate your excellent service."
Sylvia Chai

"We have been more than pleased with Mrs. Lan Fong who took care of our child. As our child is a bit difficult, we were afraid how it would go but she was up to our expectations. With such a nanny, your child will be in good hand and it's very important for parents to go to work confident that their child will be greatly taken care of. Mrs Lan Fong resides in Sengkang compassvale street.
We also want to thank BBNanny for their service and professionalism.
Thank you."
Lee Sangmi, from Sengkang

"As first time parents, we were anxious to have to leave our 3 ½ months old daughter to a stranger and finding the right nanny seemed to be a difficult task. Then we came across BBNanny and Adrian proved us that it was possible to find the perfect nanny in a very short time!
Our Nanny, Mary Woo, was with us for 18 months and has been a great caregiver. She has never been sick, was always very reliable and flexible. She was always on time and also helped us greatly around the house. She was very attentive and dedicated to our daughter, trustworthy, patient and loving.
I breastfed my daughter for nine months and Mary was very supportive. It was very important for me to leave my baby girl to someone who I knew would encourage the breastfeeding and was aware of the breastfeeding do’s and don’ts.
Our daughter, now 21 months old, just started school and we had to say goodbye to Mary, and I know that we will all miss her a lot.
We wish her to be as successful with her next family as she was with ours."
Florence Baret & Peter Stück

"BBNanny is quite efficient in finding us a suitable candidate to be our babysitter and so far she has been a very good nanny. We are happy with the service that BBNanny provided."
Leong Wai May

"Basically we are very very happy with Auntie May's services and have continued to engage her beyond the 2 months. She loves baby leal and takes care of him as if he was her grandchild. She is very attentive, hygienic and also takes a lot of effort to engage his attention and spur his development. We have nothing but praise for her. We are hoping that she can continue to work with us potentially until baby leal is at least 8 months to even 1 year old.
However, should we stop requiring her services, we will inform you of the same and will be happy to provide a reference for her in the future."
Stephaine lee





























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